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Ever Clean cleaning service in Chennai, Tamilnadu cleans using eco friendly chemical products which are safe cleaning products and most modern dry cleaning technology to deliver superb cleaning results, without damaging the upholstery and will not leave after chemical residue after the Ever Clean treatment.

An upholstery set is a vital furniture piece that is generally found in any house, workplace, hotel, eating place, yacht, or any indoor premises, not only just as a seat, but also as significant decorative furniture.

Good value sofa, dining chairs, fabric wall panel, and other upholstered furniture need expert cleaning service to keep up its loveliness and comfort. Standard maintenance not only prolong your furniture’s lifespan, it also makes Ever Clean easier if there are any stains or ugly dirt that need to be removed.

Fabric upholstery collects dust and occasionally succumbs to stains and dirt which are unpleasant and not hygienic. But many people are still not keen to clean their upholstery because of perceived awkward inconvenience like long drying time and fearing to damage the furniture during the clean-up process. Shape distortion and fabric color fading are some of the ordinary post Ever Clean service problems complained by furniture owners.

Using the right cleaning method for your furniture is vital to ensure the furniture set will not be damaged after cleaning. If in doubt, seek advice from the furniture retailer / manufacturer whom you bought the furniture set from.


Safe for All Types of Upholstery
Ever Clean uses chemical safe eco friendly Ever Clean product, particularly formulated that promise to clean your upholstery sets effectively without leaving behind chemical from cleaning agents which can potentially harm you and the environment.

The chemically safe upholstery treatment is therefore safe for the majority fabric or leather used on upholstery sets and will not cause damage. Ever Clean service treatment has been tested and accepted by many leading upholstery manufacturers and retailers in Chennai, Tamilnadu that produce and sell top quality upholstery collections.

No Drying Time Needed
Ever clean cleaning service, Indoor Hygiene specialist would come to your premise, equipped with all the essential system and products to clean your upholstery set. Chemical safe Ever Clean technology cleans upholstery using dry shampoo encapsulation method that can successfully eliminate embedded dirt, dust using least drying time, depending on the upholstery’s soiling condition.

This means, you can sit on your cleaned upholsteries almost right away after cleaning service is finished. Totally convenient! No fuss at all!

No Fabric Shrinkage
Low moisture Ever Clean service treatment does not cause cleaned fabric from shrinking, a general problem normally occurs after a wet cleaning treatment on some types of fabric upholsteries that has not gone through fabric treatment during manufacturing.

An Effective Ever Clean Solution
Ever Clean treatment is crowded with a range of chemical safe cleaning kits and stain removal solutions to successfully clean upholsteries. But no matter how successful our cleaning solution is, it is not probable to guarantee all stains can be removed totally.

Effectiveness of stain removal depend on type of fabric / leather the stain lands on, the age of the stain, what type of stain, etc. But, to save you from this misery, keep in mind to remove fresh stains from upholsteries as soon as possible, blot them, and quickly contact a professional Ever Clean house cleaning Service Company if stains are not removed fully.


Dust collecting fabric upholsteries will first be vacuumed by our manufacturing grade vacuum cleaners to remove embedded dust and airborne particles before upholstery set undergoes thorough low damp shampooing process. The low moisture foam will encapsulate dirt particles trapped on the fabric and will be thoroughly removed at the end of the cleaning treatment, producing refreshed and cleaned upholstery set, without leaving behind chemical residues and marks. At last a chemical safe anti dust mite and disinfectant solution will be applied onto the cleaned upholstery to get rid of remaining dust mites and bacteria for an additional layer of hygiene protection.

For leather upholsteries, initial process would involve shampooing of leather with our cleaning system to effectively brush and take away embedded dust and dirt on the leather grains. Then the leather upholstery will be moisturized using some of the best natural cream to prevent leather from cracking after prolong years of usage.

Rejuvenate your upholstered furniture to rid the unpleasant soil, stain and micro organism and enjoy better air quality in your indoor environment today! Our holistic Ever Clean house cleaning service treatment has received approvals and referrals from leading furniture retailers and manufacturers.

To get complimentary onsite assessment on your sofa and other upholstered furniture, please contact our customer service officers for the earliest appointment booking.

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